The Team


Prof. Ines Thiele

Principal Investigator


Dr. Ines Thiele is a Personal Professor at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Her research interests include the diet-gut-brain-axis in neurodegenerative diseases.


Dr. Almut Heinken

Research Fellow


Dr. Almut Heinken research focuses on applying constraint-based modelling to investigate the emergent properties of human gut microbiomes.


Dr. Cyrille Thinnes

Engagement Manager and Research Fellow


Dr. Cyrille Thinnes cultivates the Virtual Metabolic Human business case, integrating the technology, outreach, and organizational capabilities for enhancing user experience.

Dr. Bronson Weston

Postdoctoral fellow


Dr. Bronson Weston has a background in systems biology and chemical engineering. His research focuses on the development of algorithms that identify dietary components influencing the production of key host metabolites.

Filippo Martinelli

PhD Student


Filippo obtained his Master's degree in pharmaceutical chemistry with a thesis focused on doping analysis. His research interests include the application of constraint-based models to investigate diet-drugs-microbiota-host interactions.

Timothy O. Hulshof

Research assistant


Timothy obtained his Master's degree in bioinformatics from the University College Cork, Ireland. His work includes enabling the large-scale integration of metagenomic data with microbiome-level metabolic models. 

Arianna Basile

Visiting PhD student


Arianna is a PhD student from the University of Padova. Her research interests include flux balance to unravel microbial interactions both in the anaerobic digestion engineering system and in the gut. 

Tim Hensen

Master student

Tim is a master student in systems biology from Maastricht University. He is interested in applying constrained-based modelling techniques to better understand the role of gut microbes in neurodegenerative diseases

Marcus Hogan

Research Assistant

Marcus obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from the NUI, Galway. His research includes the acquisition of metagenomic and metabolic data for constraint-based modelling of gut microbes.

David Sharkey

Research Assistant

David has a background in Computer Science and Bioinformatics and is responsible for maintaining and expanding the Virtual Metabolic Human database.

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